Enter the 71st

The 71st Shock Division is an airsoft team that formed way back in the brutal summer of 2010 out of a group of friends with spring shotguns and pistols. Our home field is War Den Airsoft, located in Stone Creek, Ohio. We are open to private games as well.


August  8th, 2017 - Checking in

You ain't seen anything, yet.

Our Values

We honor values such as maturity, respect, honesty, and sportsmanship. These are our core values, and they are to be honored

What We Do

We do what we always have done: Get out there and play, and make sure we had a fun time doing it. We are team for the people. 

Our Goal

Our goal is simple - To bring newer players into the sport, show them how it's done, make them hardcore, and bring back the sportsmanship in Airsoft.


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